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Ni-Fe 6V150AH

Classification:Ni-Fe Prismatic Battery

Product label:
Nominal Voltage: 6V
Nominal Capacity: 150AH
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Nominal Voltage: 6V Nominal Capacity: 150AH

The Edison Battery---Iron-Nickel battery has been remodeled for nearly 10 years by TROILY New Energy. It is a sustainable rechargeable battery that is environment-friendly, safe, long-live, rich in material sources, and easy to recycle among all kinds of batteries with comparative advantages in the following six applicable areas:

(1) Energy storage, especially large-capacity, large-volume energy storage;

(2) Industrial vehicles such as electric forklifts, engineering vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and other fields;

(3) Marine traffic such as ships, yachts, submarines, etc.;

(4) Railway, subway, urban rail and other rail transportation field;

(5) Military industry, especially in communications, warships, armor, aviation ground handling, base power construction, etc.;

(6) New energy electric sightseeing bicycles, low-speed vehicles, track vehicles, and the field of public transportation.

At present, TROILY New Energy’s a new type of Iron-nickel Battery has obtained 8 invention patents, 9 utility model patents, and 1 designing patent which totaled up to 25 core patents. All of these filled the technology blank in China and leading the technology domestically and abroad.

The New Type and Low Maintenance Nickel-iron Storage Battery has many advantages compared with other storage batteries. It is more environmental-friendly, producing no corrosive gas while working. It is of high current and excellent low temperature discharge, with a wide temperature range between -45℃ and 45℃. It is of minor self-discharge, facile maintenance, good resistance to over-charge and over-discharge, long cycle life, high mechanical strength, high safety coefficient, strong resistance to shock and vibration.


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