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Henan TROILY New Energy Technology Co., LTD. was founded in 1999, located in TROILY Industrial Park, Jing14th Road, Yudong Industrial Cluster, Xinxiang, Henan Province of China. It has been focusing on research, development, and production of new energy batteries of alkaline nickel series (Hydrogen-Nickel, Iron-Nickel, Zinc-Nickel.) for environmental protection.

The company was listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations)  in 2015. Its stock name is TROILY New Energy and its stock code is 833657, which is the industry leader of Ni-MH button batteries and new alkaline nickel-system (Hydrogen-Nickel,Iron-Nickel,Zinc-Nickel) square large-capacity batteries.

The company is a member of the Chinese national research and development institute for Ni-MH button batteries. It covers 40% of the current market generally, with production capacity and technique advantages firmly ranks the first in China. The company’s Ni-MH button batteries have a number of inventions and utility model patents. Among these, the invention patent "Rechargeable Steel-Belt Based Ni-MH button Battery" has won the Henan Science and Technology Progress Award,which is the only science and technology progress award won in the battery industry in the provincial and national-ministerial level. The company’s products have an absolute market status in the field of microcomputer controllers,which is listed as major suppliers by many famous global brands such as General Electric and Wal-Mart who are professional suppliers of police equipment, security, civil electronics, and electrical appliances.These products are widely used in the market of small portable and electronic products, landscape lighting such as solar lawn lights, intelligent instruments, electronic products, etc.

The Edison Battery---Iron-Nickel battery has been remodeled for many years by the company. It is the current battery system in the collection of environmental friendly, safety, long life, easy to recycle, rich material sources for a sustainable development of the secondary battery, which with comparative advantages in the following six applicable areas:

(1) Energy storage, especially large-capacity, large-volume energy storage;

(2) Industrial vehicles such as electric forklifts, engineering vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and other fields;

(3) Marine traffic such as ships, yachts, submarines, etc.;

(4) Railway, subway, urban rail and other rail transportation field;

(5)Military industry,especially communication,armor,vehicle start-up and power supply,ships and submarines,aviation ground service,base power construction and other military fields of extremely high temperature,

extremely low temperature,wide temperature range;

(6) New energy electric sightseeing bicycles, low-speed vehicles, track vehicles, and the field of public transportation.

At present,the company’s new type of alkaline nickel series batteries (Hydrogen-Nickel, Iron-Nickel, Zinc-Nickel) have obtained more than 30 inventions,utility model and appearance design patents,some are applying for more than 30 patents,which are to fill the domestic gap,leading the technology domestically and abroad .

The company has more than 300 employees currently, including more than 60 engineers and technicians; The company is also the nationally recognized New High-Tech Enterprise and has a provincial-level called Environment-Protecting New Energy Engineering Laboratory(Henan) of Nickel-Series Rechargeable Battery;The company has established school-enterprise cooperation relationships with quite a few universities and institutions such as Central south university,the Zhengzhou University of Light Industry and Shanxi Coal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and so on. In 2004,the company successfully passed the ISO9001 International Quality management system certificate and ISO14001 International Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certificate. The company has become the first battery company passed the EU ROHS in 2006.The company registered trademark  1616549002534828.png is well recognized by foreign and domestic customers;The company is the vice-chairman unit of Henan New Energy Chamber of Commerce and the vice-chairman unit of Xinxiang Federation of Industry and Commerce; In 2013, it was awarded the "County Quality Award" in Yanjin County; It was awarded "Henan small and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises" which was submitted by the Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province in 2014 ; The company's Iron-Nickel battery project "Xinxiang City Battery and Battery Material Industry Chain Project" also received central government financial support from the National Development and Reform Commission in 2014.

The company's products cover three series of Hydrogen Nickel (button, cylinder, square large capacity) batteries, Iron-Nickel batteries, Zinc-Nickel batteries, a total of more than 100 varieties. It is a leading company in the square large-capacity maintenance-free nickel-hydrogen battery, square large-capacity low-maintenance iron-nickel battery, and square large-capacity maintenance-free zinc-nickel battery technology in China and abroad.

The company has advanced technology, excellent technical equipment, and full range of testing equipment. It has built several automation battery producing lines, with a daily output of more than one million units; The company’s new prismatic nickel series with a daily output of 4 million w.h(Nickel-Hydrogen,Iron-Nickel, Zinc-Nickel) new square large-capacity battery automated assembly line is under debugging. Once the project is completed, it will have a profound impact and contribution to energy storage, military industry, railways, and other related fields.

The company’s products do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, lead, and cadmium. Compared with lead-acid and lithium batteries, it is long life, reusable, durable, low recycling cost, high recycling profit. It is the best battery scheme to fundamentally solve the heavy metals secondary pollution of water, atmosphere and soil.

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"Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". If the battery industry wants to completely get rid of the "pollution" hat, it must take the development path of the "green" concept! The complete elimination of heavy metal contaminated lead-acid batteries and cadmium-nickel batteries is the need for social development and the clear trend of "green development" environmental protection! New alkaline nickel battery (Hydrogen-Nickel, Iron-Nickel, Zinc-Nickel) represented by new iron-nickel battery and lithium battery complement each other, which will have a huge impact on the traditional lead-acid battery and cadmium nickel battery. The strategic transformation of the traditional polluted battery industry to the environment-friendly battery industry will fundamentally solve the historic problem of lead and cadmium pollution in the battery industry, realistically solve the problem of harmonious coexistence between "development" and "environmental protection", and truly implement the concept of "green development".

Both safe and environmentally friendly batteries will benefit mankind!

TROILY New Energy is committed to creating safe, non-fire,green, recyclable batteries, providing a new energy storage and power battery solution for "carbon peak, carbon neutral"!

Development history


The first ultra-high rate, valve-controlled flooded nickel-metal hydride prismatic battery was successfully developed and entered railway testing.


Troily Co,. Ltd. and China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association successfully hosted the "2020 National Alkaline Battery Industry Development Summit Forum".


The world's first new type iron-nickel energy storage and power batteries enter the European and American markets.


Built provincial-level laboratory:Enviroment-protecting New Energy Engineering Laboratory(Henan) of Nickel-Series Rechargeable Battery.

The second-generation new iron-nickel battery was successfully tested.


Passed the national High-Tech enterprise certification first time.


 "811" laboratory was established and began to reshape Edison batteries - the research and development road of Iron-nickel batteries.


The predecessor of the company, Xinxiang Chuangli Power Factory, was established ,and successfully developed the first nickel-hydrogen button battery in China.


Address:Troily Industrial Park, Jing14th Road, Yudong Industrial Cluster, Xinxiang, Henan Province of China.




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