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Henan TROILY New Energy Technology Co., LTD. was founded in 1999, with its headquarters located in Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park in Yanjin County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. It is a national "Specialized, Sophisticated, Special, Innovative" little giant enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise.The company has been focusing on the research and production of new environmentally friendly aqueous batteries, which are low-cost, high-performance, and high-capacity iron nickel and nickel hydrogen energy storage and power batteries. The company is a leading enterprise in innovative technology for a new type of iron nickel battery and valve controlled maintenance free nickel hydrogen batteries for energy storage and starting at home and abroad.

The company's traditional products are nickel hydrogen button batteries and cylindrical batteries, which have long been well-known in the industry.The company is a domestic inventor of nickel hydrogen button batteries, with a comprehensive market share of over 40%. Its production capacity and technological advantages are famous all over the world.The company has multiple inventions and utility model patents for nickel hydrogen button batteries and cylindrical batteries. The button battery project of the company has won the only provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award in the industry, and has an absolute market share in the global microcomputer controller field; Among the battery companies supporting solar lawn lamps, the company is the only national "Specialized, Sophisticated, Special, Innovative" little giant enterprise, with a daily production capacity of over 2 million nickel hydrogen cylindrical batteries and button batteries.

After 14 years of continuous innovation and research, the company has redefined the "Edison battery" - iron nickel battery.The new type of iron nickel battery after disruptive innovation has completed no less than 7 upgrades. It is currently a innovative aqueous battery with the advantages of "greeness, intrinsic safety, ultra long life, high cost-effectiveness, high recycling rate, and abundant material sources" in the battery system, and has large-scale production.

In addition, the newly finalized "Energy Storage+Hydrogen Production Integrated New Iron Nickel Battery" by the company is fully modeled on the 7th generation of innovative aqueous iron-nickel batteries. This battery directly separates and utilizes the hydrogen gas generated by electrolysis of water during charging with high efficiency and purity, providing the best energy storage solution to solve the problem of "abandoning wind and light". The standard hydrogen power consumption can be as low as 4 kilowatt hours per standard square meter.

In October 2020, at the "2020 National Alkaline Battery Industry Development Summit Forum" hosted by the China Industrial Association of Power Sources, Wu Feng ,CAE Member, Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, and Professor Chen Jun, Vice President of Nankai University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the meeting and spoke highly of the disruptive innovation of TROILY New Energy on the new type of iron nickel battery technology. Academician Wu Feng commented that "Henan TROILY New Energy Technology Co., LTD. has made important technological breakthroughs in the positive and negative electrode materials, electrolyte components, battery structure, and other aspects of new iron nickel batteries, demonstrating the Xinxiang’s strength as the Battery Industry Capital of China."

At present, the company's new environmental-friendly innovative aqueous energy storage and power batteries have obtained more than 40 patents for inventions, utility models, and more than 40 patents under application, leading the industry's development.

The new iron-nickel battery has comparative advantages in seven major application scenarios:

(1) Energy storage and "energy storage+hydrogen production integration" battery solutions, especially for high-capacity, large-scale energy storage, densely populated areas such as cities, and special application energy storage; It can also electrolyze water to produce hydrogen while storing energy, providing an integrated solution of energy storage and hydrogen production;

(2) Independent or three in one battery power supply for car startup, parking, and start stop;

(3) Industrial vehicles such as electric forklifts, engineering vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and other scenarios;

(4) Traffic scenes in water areas such as ships, yachts, and submarines;

(5) Rail transit scenarios such as railways, subways, and urban rail transit;

(6) Starting and power supply for ships, submarines, tanks, etc; Military scenarios such as air and ground services, data centers, and command centers;

(7) Electric school buses, buses, special service vehicles, scenic vehicles, etc.

In addition, the valve controlled maintenance free square nickel hydrogen battery developed by the company is expected to become an ideal upgraded product for railway locomotives, passenger car batteries, military vehicle and ship starting, submarine power, and other application scenarios.

The company has established industry university research cooperation with multiple research institutes such as the Chen Jun academician team of Nankai University, and has established the provincial-level "Henan Engineering Laboratory of Environmental-protecting new energy nickel- Series rechargeable battery".As the vice chairman unit of the Energy Storage Branch of the China Battery Industry Association, the company is also the vice chairman unit of the Henan New Energy Chamber of Commerce, the executive committee of the Henan Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the vice chairman unit of the Xinxiang City Federation of Industry and Commerce.In 2013, it was awarded the "County Magistrate Quality Award" in Yanjin County. Since 2012, it has been continuously recognized as a national high-tech enterprise; in 2022, the company was rated as a national "Specialized, Refinement, Differential, Innovative" little giant enterprise.

The construction of a new type of iron nickel energy storage and starting battery project with an annual production capacity of 6GWh at the company's Henan headquarters is planned to be put into operation in the first quarter of next year. In the next three years, the company will also deploy nearly 30GWh of energy storage battery projects in East and South China, fully reaching production capacity, which will have a profound impact on energy storage, military industry, railways, ships and other fields.

Only environmentally friendly and safe batteries can benefit humanity!

The new type of iron nickel battery does not contain toxic and harmful substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. It is a truly green and environmental-friendly battery and an ideal battery to fundamentally solve heavy metal pollution in water, atmosphere, and soil.The new type of iron nickel battery is also an inherently safe, non-explosive, and non-flammable aqueous battery, which is expected to provide a comprehensive energy storage battery solution for safe, economical, and reliable service energy strategies.

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Development history


The first ultra-high rate, valve-controlled flooded nickel-metal hydride prismatic battery was successfully developed and entered railway testing.


Troily Co,. Ltd. and China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association successfully hosted the "2020 National Alkaline Battery Industry Development Summit Forum".


The world's first new type iron-nickel energy storage and power batteries enter the European and American markets.


Built provincial-level laboratory:Enviroment-protecting New Energy Engineering Laboratory(Henan) of Nickel-Series Rechargeable Battery.

The second-generation new iron-nickel battery was successfully tested.


Passed the national High-Tech enterprise certification first time.


 "811" laboratory was established and began to reshape Edison batteries - the research and development road of Iron-nickel batteries.


The predecessor of the company, Xinxiang Chuangli Power Factory, was established ,and successfully developed the first nickel-hydrogen button battery in China.


Address:Troily Industrial Park, Jing14th Road, Yudong Industrial Cluster, Xinxiang, Henan Province of China.




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