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7.28 Xinxiang rescue record

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From July 17 to 22, xinxiang city was hit by heavy rain, with rainfall exceeding the historical extreme value since the observation record. Flood situation was formed in many places and the disaster was severe.

The area where the company is located was hit by a very serious rainstorm. Due to the strict preventive measures taken by our company in the early stage of construction, the factory withstood the test of the rainstorm and there was no water accumulation and no loss.

After the disaster, customers from all over the country gave the company and company personnel with great concern, attention, through telephone, wechat and other ways to express concern and greetings, here, the company would like to express our gratitude, thank you!Thank you for your great love!

On July 23, the company donated 500 multi-functional self-electric flashlights to xinxiang flood control and rescue workers.

And by delaying the 13th deputies, creativity and new Li Xige, head of energy research and development, leading new energy volunteer teams with forklift, administer minibuses rescue victims in xinxiang city, for the city television station, makino district government, straight, city vocational education center, sent to hospital hand-cranked flashlight, such as sausages, instant noodles, emergency relief items.



July 26, Weihui flood situation is serious,TROILY new energy again set out to rescue.


Because the water level is too high, the company urgently contacted Hunan Changde Mountain and River amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD. Lu, hoping to buy a batch of donations, Lu understood the situation, determined not to charge, and organized production overnight, together enough for 30 kayaks, very touching!

Lu contact a freight driver from Henan Shangqiu, heard is for disaster relief, overnight drive, experience more than 20 hours running regardless of fatigue to xinxiang, and do not charge freight...



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